Mary Kelly, Owner

It all started with a rolling pin, love for nana’s baking & COVID-19....

It was mid-March 2020, and the news came in that America was “temporarily” closed. Food shortages were everywhere, grocery stores were empty, online stores sold out, we were unable to buy essentials like toilet paper and paper towels without worrying if it was going to be on the shelves at the supermarket or Walmart. Nobody was prepared for this pandemic or the fear we all had as we didn't know the faith of what tomorrow would bring. I was scared but kept the faith.

I woke up to a different kind of America. Everyone was staying at home. No school unless online schooling was an option. Traffic was almost non-existing. Tons of businesses closed up shop, many restaurants were closed with a few restaurants still opened with limited hours, limited menus, take out only, absolutely no dining in. It was a really crazy time for everyone. If you did have to venture out, you saw the same thing, masked faces and a sense of sadness in people's eyes.


I have always had a passion for baking and when COVID-19 hit us, I wanted comfort. I wanted something that would make my family smile. We weren't doing much of that because of the panic and stress we all were facing.

I reminisced on some of my favorite foods I used to enjoy growing up and my nana’s Cinnamon Rolls came to mind. Nothing can compare to the smell of homemade Cinnamon Rolls baking in your oven. The delicious aroma of that cinnamon sugar filling is hard to resist, and the cream cheese frosting melting all over these warm rolls really makes for a comforting experience! I had all the ingredients on hand and made it my mission to create these delicious cinnamon rolls using my nana's original recipe.

It wasn't long before I started baking these up in big batches and dropping them off in plastic containers, (which I had ordered from the Dollar Tree :)) left on the porches, of friends and family, whom I had missed, and wanted them to know that I was thinking of them and loved them. Soon after, calls started rolling in from people I had never met wanting my Cinnamon Rolls, it was because of social media, people were telling other people and before I knew it I realized that I was onto something sweet!

I never thought in a million years that something good would come out of this pandemic situation, but I am a Christian faith woman and I believe that God sends us signs when we least expect it. See, I baked these Cinnamon Rolls with a mission to make other people happy, not expecting anything in return, and when the calls came in telling me how I made people’s days bright and made them smile I was rewarded. My cup runneth over.

Everything happens for a reason. I contemplated many times if I should make this into a physical business. If I can bake up something that makes people feel comforted and loved and will put a smile on their faces, (and after spending about two solid months working on a business plan to see if this would even be worth it), an opportunity for the perfect location presented itself and the rest is history.